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1. CBCT and model merge

Supply a CBCT of the patient and a PVS impression or intra oral scan. We will accurately merge the model with the CBCT so the guide can be made to fit accurately and be tooth and if need be tissue supported. This is a special feature that allows us to offer perfectly fitting guides. Edentulous solutions are also available including tissue or bone supported guides.

Free software, do it yourself or we will set up the case and you approve.

2. Virtual implant placement

Supply us with the implant brand and size and we will position it exactly to your specifications and in relation to the virtual final tooth position. We will send a written report for you to check and note any changes if needed. We will not make the guide until you are 100% satisfied with the virtual placement. Alternatively use free software to plan the case yourself and send us the plan file and we can make the guide from that.

3. Approval of implant report

Approve the plan so construction of the implant guide can go ahead, this must be done via replying to our email. Let us know what type of guide you wish to select and what size of drills you will be using. See next point for more information on types of guides.

Approve final implant report via email.

4. Select guide type

5. Guide fabrication

We use state of the art FDA and TGA approved, fully tested and calibrated 3D printing machines and materials for our surgical guides. You will receive a perfectly fitting sturdy  guide with drill tubes precision fitted ready for use. All guides are manufactured in Sydney, Australia at our own dedicated facility so fast turnaround is always guaranteed. Rush orders are usually not an issue.

We will supply a drill guide with drill tubes suitable for your selected type of guide.

We can also supply genuine implant manufacturers drill tubes when requested.


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Anatomy of an Implaguide




Various types of guides are available for you to select. All can be tooth borne, tissue borne bone supported* or a combination of each. * Bone supported guides are dependant on CBCT quality.

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