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Guided Surgery Simplified


What you need to know to get started

There are many ways to work with us, and if you are new to guided surgery we will gladly assist you along the way. Guided surgery may seem difficult at first but it's quite logical and if protocols are adhered to, will generally yield far superior results over other methods.

The Cone Beam Scan (CBCT) must  be used for every case

2. Models, Impressions or Intra Oral Scans

An accurate model of the patients current dental situation needs to be supplied in most cases. Of course, you could send an impression (PVS only) or we do accept every brand of intra oral scan currently available. Make sure, whatever you send has been checked for accuracy as we can only make a guide that fits what is sent.

3. Planning the case

Ideally the practitioner should setup and plan the case and this is our preferred method. However, we do realise that in a busy world this is not always practical. We offer a setup service for you where we will process a complete planning setup and send you a detailed PDF report to check. You can then advise of any amendments and we will go ahead and execute these, then send you an amended report. We will not make a guide until you are 100% satisfied with the plan - you are always in control of the planning. All plans must be approved via email before we will construct the guide for you.

Approve final implant report via email.

4. Guide Manufacture and Delivery

1.The Cone Beam Scan (CBCT)

The cone beam scan is essential for guided surgery. Some practitioners have in-house systems and some send out to radiology centres. Make sure the system you use is up to date and creates good quality scans, as there is a difference between units.

All scans supplied to us must be in DICOM 3 Format.This is a format that all cone beam scanners can save to. Scans can be supplied on CD, USB stick or transferred to us via our own secure portal at

Save as DICOM 3 file type

Send via CD

USB stick

Or send electronically




PVS Impression

Intra Oral Scan

Once the plan is approved we will manufacture the guide using state of the art 3D printing technologies. The guide is usually shipped within 3 days from our facility and rush orders can also be accommodated. You can track your case by logging into our lab management software. Contact us for more details.

Guided Surgery Simplified

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